Encrypted Forms

No-knowledge encrypted forms for sensitive data.

Your data is stored encrypted. It gets encrypted on the client-side, before it reaches the internet. Only the key-holder can decrypt the data.

Get complete peace of mind with no-knowledge encrypted forms.

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Encryption on client-side

Data is encrypted before it is sent.

Decrypt using private key only

Data can only be decrypted using the private key.

Evaluate Decrypted Data

See and evaluate your private data. It is decrypted on your machine only.

Advanced Security Features to keep Forms Secure

Fully Encrypted Forms
Zero-knowledge form encryption that keeps your data safe and can only be revealed by the key-holder.
Advanced Form Security
Secure your forms with additional checks like IP and E-mail verification, spam-check, ID approval and many other advanced security features.
No-Knowledge Data Storage
All of your data is stored on fully-encrypted servers at any given time. We keep the bar high on security.
HIPAA Compliant Forms
Compliance to important industry regulations is achieved through securely and fully-encrypted data storage.
Collect payments online
Sell products and subscriptions from your website with ease. You can use it to collect donations as well.
GDPR compliant forms
All your data is stored on GDPR compliant, secure servers. Your forms are automatically GDPR compliant.

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