GDPR compliant forms Your form data is stored on GDPR compliant servers. The General Data Protection Regulation is mandatory for secure data storage. Rest assured, your data is in safe hands. Dealing with GDPR compliance can be costly. We’re storing all the data we process on GDPR compliant servers.

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GDPR compliant forms

Being GDPR complaint was never easier

Once GDPR data has reached its lifespan, it is deleted automatically and completely effortlessly. Leave the tedious tasks to us while you concentrate on what matters the most. Your business.

What is GDPR

GDPR is the European GDPR legislation that has been passed to protect you and your customers’ data. In a nutshell, forms do not store any personally identifiable analytics cookies or other trackers which makes them fully compatible with GDPR.

Full support for GDPR

All of your forms are GDPR compatible. GDPR is the European GDPR legislation that has been passed to protect you and your customers. All data that is in relation with any of the forms is stored safely on GDPR compliant servers. Rest assured, all data operations that you undertake on our service are under the protection of this new legislation.

Automated Data Scrubbing

Never worry about your privacy again. Data is securely removed from the system automatically after your preferred interval. Choose from 7 days up to 90 days of data retention. After the interval has passed, we will remove the response automatically.

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