Contact Forms Create the best contact forms for your business. Contact forms allow visitors to contact you and get notified immediately.

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Contact Forms
Contact Forms are Professional

A business with an official way of contact - using the best contact form - will be far more professional than an ordinary business. Visitors that see your contact form will know exactly that this is the preferred method of communication.

Better than E-mail

Visitors might not always have their e-mail clients ready at their disposal. They might be browsing from a mobile device or using their friends computer. Key lesson here, if you have a easy way for a visitor to contact you, you will have more leads.

Add Captcha to your Form

E-mail is notoriously prone to spam. A company address will receive lots of time consuming unsolicited spam e-mails. The best way to prevent spam into your inboxes it to use our state of the art spam prevention Captcha technology.

Automate contact requests

A contact form is already a automatic gate to your company. It has no out of business hours and is always available for the visitor.

Embed and use anywhere

Element Forms can be embedded and used literally anywhere. It fits seamlessly into your website, social media or share directly with the link.

Integrate with powerful Integrations

A powerful feature of Element Form is that it can integrate seamlessly with other apps. It has many ways of processing responses further.