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Payments are essential to a business. Setup a process to collect payments from your form and connect with your favourite gateway.

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How Payment Forms Work

User makes a payment

The user pays using your chosen gateway.

Track Your Payments

Get notified instantly and track your payments.

You receive the payment instantly.

We're not the middleman. We don't take a cut.

Enhance your business with these features

Drag and Drop Form Builder
Drag-and-drop editor to build user-friendly forms in minutes.
Signature & Legal Forms
Forms that request an electronic signature will become legally binding. One click and you have legal assurance.
Conditional Logic
Create dynamic forms easily. Forms that change logic and react to user input.
No-Knowledge Data Storage
All of your data is stored on fully-encrypted servers at any given time. We keep the bar high on security.
Mobile-friendly forms
Forms are mobile-responsive by default. They will render perfectly fine on mobile and desktop devices.
HIPAA Compliant Forms
Compliance to important industry regulations is achieved through securely and fully-encrypted data storage.

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