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Powerful features for a smooth experience while creating and using online forms.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop elements to the form. That’s it. Absolutely no programming knowledge required.

Your form is ready in under a minute.

What you see is what you get. See your form design, while you are building it.

A payment element that is being dragged to an online form to build a payment form.

Fully Encrypted Forms

If you are handling sensitive data, it has to be encrypted. Full-stop. Encrypted forms offer you the benefits of zero-knowledge encryption. Responses to your forms are encrypted on the client-side. Only the key holder can read the responses.

Zero-knowledge forms use state of the art encryption technology and are encrypted at rest - which ensures that sensitive data remains private.

More info about encrypted forms...

An image depicting how encrypted forms work. Two forms are displayed. The first form has plain text content. The second form is depicted with encrypted data.

GDPR Compliant Forms

All your data is stored on GDPR compliant, secure servers. Your forms are automatically GDPR compliant. The General Data Protection Regulation is mandatory for secure data storage. Rest assured, your data is in safe hands.

More info about GDPR Compliant Forms...
An image that has the logo of the European Union at the right side. It depicts the GDPR compatability of element form.


All your institute’s data, automatically and neatly backed up, yours to keep forever.

Data is backed up in our secure, encrypted cloud. The advantages of backing up to the cloud are endless.

An online form that displays how a payment process works. A online order form using PayPal is depicted.

Electronic Signatures

Turn your forms into legally binding contracts with a single click. Collect electronic signatures and store them for later.

Signatures that are sent to your form are electronically and legally valid.

A form displaying the electronic signature feature very prominently.

Reports & Analytics

See detailed analytics on the performance of your form. Determine information about visitors and responders.

Evaluate the visitor to responder ratio, answer percentage, and the speed. This will give you invaluable insights into your dataset.

Analytics data about a form is displayed. Analytics include form performance, answers, the speed in which the answers were filled out, IP addresses of visitors.

Advanced Form Security

Secure your forms further with our Advanced Form Security features. Ability to cross validate addresses and locations using artificial intelligence, E-mail validation to prove identity and prevent spam.

Audit access logs and see details on when you have accessing your data.

More info about advanced security features...
An image of a very advanced online form.

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