Advanced Form Security Your data is valuable, protect it easily with advanced security features. Secure your forms further with our Advanced Form Security features. Ability to cross validate addresses and locations using artificial intelligence, E-mail validation to prove identity and prevent spam. Audit access logs and see details on when you have accessing your data.

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Advanced Form Security

Tight Security

Sensitive information requires sensitive care. With IP addresses and audit logs on your side, you got full control over your forms.

Advanced verification with AI

Addresses can be hard to verify. Especially if it is provided by a third party. Our threat sensing artificial intelligence system allows you to verify if the specified address in the form really belongs to the person submitting the form.

Our trade marked technology verifies the location and alerts you if it finds a discrepancy.

Advanced E-mail Validation

On forms with Advanced E-mail Validation technology enabled, E-mail addresses will need to be validated by the user. A secure verification link will be sent to the E-mail address that needs to be clicked before the form can be submitted.

This ensures that the provided e-mail address is accessible by the user. The system prevents random e-mail addresses from being used.

IP Addresses

IP Addresses associated with responses can be saved fully automatically.

E-mail Addresses

Automatically verify any e-mail addresses users enter into your forms.