QR Code Forms Open your form from a QR Code with a simple smartphone camera scan. QR Codes are an easy way for your customers to open your form. This is especially true when you are in a physical environment where there is no way for a user to simply “click” a link. A smartphone camera will be enough to open the form.

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QR Code Forms

QR Codes are universal

Once a person sees a QR Code, they know instantly that they can scan it with a mobile phone camera and get the content. This will make it much easier for your customers to open your forms with minimal effort.

Customers love QR Codes

Modern era customers love the convenience of a QR Code. For them it does not involve any typing and can simply be opened with the mobile phone camera.

Print them everywhere

You can literally print out a QR Code and put it anywhere. This allows for a wide array of use. Popular places for QR Codes are doors, walls, back-side or products and similar places.