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Forms for Education

Improve communication at School. More than 20 schools in England and Wales are using Element Form to improve the relations at school.

From Parent Teacher relations to School Teacher relations up to Teacher-Student relations.
Why choose Element Form over a competitor or simply creating your own?
The reasons are endless, but here are a few of our favorites:

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Get rid of paper forms

Educational institutes are hard to manage because they can rely on physical papers too much. It is easy to get lost in a stack of papers without the realization on how deep you’re in. Complete the transition with Element Form.

Collecting Parent Consent

In situations where the parents’ consent is needed, you’ll need to safely get a parents’ consent. Solve the problem elegantly using legal electronic signatures. Element Form keeps track of the consents with electronic signatures.

Organizing for the Class

Ever went through the pain of organizing an event? Now imagine a full classroom of students that need to be asked questions. Don’t even bother with paper forms. Simply create a form and gather all the information you need in minutes.

Parent-Teacher Relations

All sorts of confident questions that need to be answered by the parent in private can’t go on a paper form. That’s simply too risky. You can’t pass a paper form and expect it not to be read by somebody else. Use an Element Form for that.

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