Automated Contact Tracing Application

Securely store records of customers who visit your business in accordance to national health standards.

New regulations require businesses to keep track of customers. Most businesses don't have the ability to store these records digitally and securely. Use Element Form to keep track of your customers and store their data securely.

High-street businesses are required to trace contacts. Create a Contact Tracing Form for your business today.

Collect customer information digitally

Record customer information digitally and support our health system. In an event of a sudden outbreak in an area, businesses will be asked to provide information about their customers. This will be used by the authorities to reduce the spread significantly.

Element Form allows you to save and store all customer information easily and securely.

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Summary of contact tracing details

What are the most important steps when tracing contacts? What do you need to write down? How long do you have to keep it? What can't you keep? Enter your e-mail and get a summary.

No non-sense. You will only receive receive informative e-mails. Nothing else.

Customers enter data using QR Code

Customer comes into your business. He scans the QR code at the door. A contact tracing form will appear automatically on his mobile phone.

This way you can gather all required information directly without having to deal with pen and paper.

Electronic Signatures from Customers

Your customers will sign the forms as if they are signing paper. This ensures legal validity for all provided information.

Element Form ensures that you’re always on the safe side of the legal equation.

Secure and Encrypted Storage

All of the customer information is securely stored on our encrypted servers. None of these information can be accessed by any other account than yours.

Element Form is the only service that stores your customers data in accordance with GDPR.

Contact Tracing services use the encrypted servers in the Google Datacentre in London.

Data is kept for 21 days only

All of the digital records are accessible for a period of 21 days. After 21 days, the data is securely shredded and wiped out of the system.

Your business is fully aligned with the data protection laws.

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