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Collect electronic signatures, get consent online, manage events, and collect donations.

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Bring your Church Online

As a church, your goal is to help people discover the eternal love of God through a thriving community that grows together.

No matter your church size, you need the ability to quickly gather information and analyze data to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Element Form has a full library of pre-built forms for nearly any need your church can imagine - with many more being added all the time! Take the stress out of data collection with an Element Form form today!

A connected church concept that describes how a church can be connected to the internet.

Eliminate paper and go digital

Keep and update member data in real-time and eliminate the need for paperwork.

Paper forms are a hassle. They are hard to keep track of, the text on it fades with time, and they get lost frequently.

Element Form archives your data instantly. Your data can’t get lost and is always a single click away.

An old fashioned paper form is depicted. A cutting edge online form made with element form is displayed. It is far superior to the paper form.

Accept Donations

Receive tithes and donations digitally on your website.

A online donation form is displayed. An element form that has the ability to receive donations. It depicts a christian cross. It is a donation form of a church.

Event Booking and Ticket Sales

Book events and reservations online, and sell tickets with a fully-functioning payment system.

A form that displays a charity ticket sale.

Organize Events

Easily organize facility events such as weddings, funerals, baptisms, and more!

An RSVP form for a church wedding. The form has been made with Element Form.

Younger Generation

Connect to younger generations while keeping things easy for your saints.

Two young people are depicted. A smartphone is displayed prominently. Element Forms are working perfectly on mobile phones.

Electronic Signatures and Legal Consent

Receive electronic signatures from your forms with ease. All your churchgoers can sign a form electronically with ease.

Save yourself from the hassle of managing paper consent forms. The signature of the signer is stored in an electronic format. Alongside, legally identifying details like IP address and location.

A legal consent form. A Element Form with a electronic signature field is depicted.

Questionnaires for your Church

Collect questions and run surveys for your visitors and members.

A questionnaire form made with Element Form. It displays faces ranging from frowning to happy.


Collect digital RSVPs for every event you host on-site.

An RSVP form for a church wedding. The form has been made with Element Form.

Mobile Responsive

Forms are mobile-friendly and website responsive.

Forms made with Element Form online form builder. One is rendered on a tablet, the other one is rendered on a mobile phone. Both look pixel perfect. Element Form works great on mobile.

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