Google Spreadsheets Integration Sync your form responses to Google Spreadsheets. Effortlessly, fully automated. Connect your form to Google Spreadsheets and start getting responses into your sheets.

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Google Spreadsheets Integration
Automatic Synchronisation

Integrate your forms with Google Spreadsheets. All received responses will be posted automatically to a spreadsheet of your choice. This can drastically improve how you work with your data.

Export your form responses!

Google Spreadsheets is one of the most used online spreadsheets software in the whole world! It would be unfair if Element Form wouldn’t be compatible with it. You don’t need to pay for custom bridging software or expensive plugins, Element form can do that out of the box.

Integrate Native

This integration does not require anything else to work. It is a native integration and does not require Zapier.

How does it work?

The goal is to be able to further process your collected data. Automate the processes of your company with ease.

How Google Spreadsheet Integration Works
1. Form is filled out

A user fills out your form

2. Data is sent to your Spreadsheet Automatically

Data is sent to your Spreadsheet Automatically