Sleep Problems Questionnaire

Sleep does have vital place in our well-being. During our entire life, we should be getting enough sleep or it might cause a wide range of problems that begin with physical health and go all the way to mental health. To pinpoint sleep problems, prospects often undergo sleep therapy and expensive clinical trials. Before you can even begin pinpointing the problems, you need to have a modest way of measuring the results.

Our Sleep Problems Questionnaire Form allows you to measure your prospects quality of sleep. The form has been built so that it determines the most important aspects of a sleep quality problem with minimal impact to the user.

You can easily modify the form and personalize it. Add things like:

  1. Your organization branding
  2. More and detailed questions
  3. Questions about personal experience prior to the problem
  4. Signature and disclaimers

We know and understand that privacy is an important aspect of medical questionnaires. This is the reason we've built our solution secure data collection solution on fully encrypted forms.

All information collected through our forms are encrypted. This will ensure that your private data remains private and the keyholder is the only person who has access to it.