Moving Quote Form

Running a moving company is not an easy business. The correct procedure is to estimate how much items you need to carry and how big the unit is. Most of the times customers can't estimate the size correctly and you end up with an imbalance of work/money.

Element Form comes up with the solution that allows you to focus on runing your company while the Moving Quote Form gets the important bits of information from the customer.

By default, the moving quote form collects following information for you:

  • Personal details of customer
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Size of Unit
  • Photos of the Unit - so you can see if the ratio matches
  • Pickup address
  • Destination address
  • Signature of the Customer for security

The Moving Quote Form allows you to get the important details from the customer. Information gathered this way is immediately forwarded to you in a neatly formatted e-mail.

You will be able to answer your customers request for quotes easily since you have gathered all information at that point.

If you are already running your moving company or are about to start, Element Form offers the perfect tools to get you up and running quickly.

You can custumize the form and brand it for your company with ease.