Job Applicant Questionnaire Form

When prospects apply for jobs, you want to know them as good as you can, before you decide to continue with a candidate. The majority of job applications will usually be not overlap with the specifications you have. The most important factor here is the time it takes for the business to weed out the troublesome applications.

Element Form offers you a great way to process applications and provide a great experience to both applicant and your business.

How it works?

  1. Applicants will enter their details and fill out the questionnaire.
  2. You will receive an immediate notification about the details and what the applicant has filled out.
  3. The applicant will also receive a automated e-mail reply that confirms that his application has been received and will be reviewed soon.

Any step in this process can be customised, e-mail can be edited and adjusted to your liking and questions can be added and removed to the form.

Adding questions is very easy. Modifying the form does not require any programming knowledge.

The form can be built easily using the drag and drop form editor.