Dropshipping Request Form

Dropshipping is very big in e-commerce. Many companies sell their products over third parties using dropshipping. Dropshipping can be a big income for your company - if you can execute it well. Mostly, the problems with dropshipping are on the organisation part. You need to be properly prepared and organised for your dropshipping venture to be successful.

It is mandatory to collect and properly organise the details of "dropshippers" e.g. interested businesses. Every single detail about their business, their prior experience, their revenue and similar details need to be stored and evaluated.

Element Form has a Dropshipping Request Form Template that you can use to collect all those details easily. Your potential dropshipping business partners will need to fill out details like:

  1. Information about the business
  2. Revenue
  3. Prior information in the field
  4. Contact information
  5. Agreements and other legal necessities

You can embed the form into your website, and use your form on social media.