Complaint Form

Complaints are a reality of running a business. Whilst complaints can be very hard to deal with sometimes, they often promote an opportunity for the business to correct things and grow. That the complaints process is a smooth one is extremely important. If the customer can't complain or can't reach you easily, the resulting frustration might lead to more negative reviews on review websites or social media. It is best handled in your internal processes with a professional complaint form for your business. You can customise the colour, images, text and every aspect of the complaint form to suit it to your special requirements. Add text to the end of the form like: "Your complaint has been received and will be dealt with shortly" or similar. This will take the frustration out of the equation. The person filling out the form will receive an automated e-mail reply. Add customised, personalised text to the e-mails to make the experience much more personal. Use Element Forms "Complain Form Template" to have a smooth and professional way of handling complaints.