Church Membership Form

Invite a member to the church easily. Sometimes church-goers need guidance. People in our community will have the required religious faith however will lack the information on which gospels are available.

Providing an easy to use way for your church-going members to invite their friends, will allow your church to grow their members. Each church needs an easy way for people to refer their friends to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You can post the form using a QR code to the entrance or walls of your Church, so that a simple scan with a mobile phone will automatically launch the form on the members phone.

How it works?

This form allows you to organize and grow your community. Collect data on who can attend when. Get all details of your members and store them securely.

What can this form do for you?

  • Collect details of future members
  • Send an automated questionnaire to the future members
  • Every detail filled out will be sent to you automatically and immediately
  • All data stored on the system is encrypted and stored securely.