Bible Request Form

The holy book, God's words, our beloved bible. Everybody needs one, full stop. The problem is that not everybody has a bible when they need one. There needs to be an easy way for a person to request a bible.

Element Form can help you with this problem.

How it works?

  1. The requester fills out the form with his/her details
  2. Your church is immediately notified about the request
  3. All details are provided to you in a ready to process, neat e-mail

This elegant approach, allows you to simplify the process of determining who needs a bible.

Collect information about the person requesting a bible and securely store their information. Your form will store the requesters, name, email, phone number, address, the language of the bible, and similar information. You can also go one step further and ask if the requester wants to meet with a missionary or not. Add any other detail to your form and grow your Church community.