Signature & Legal Forms

Legally binding electronic signatures on forms.

Turn your forms into legally binding contracts with a single click and start collecting electronic signatures. All signatures are saved with E-mail address and IP address of the person filling it out.

Legally Binding Forms

Agreements need to be legally binding otherwise they have no meaning. Forms can be legally binding as well.

Legally Valid Signatures

Signatures that are sent to your form are electronically and legally valid. Use it to collect signatures from your customers electronically. Enable legally binding signatures with a single mouse-click.

IP Address Records

All electronic signatures are saved with the IP Address record. The person filling out the form will automatically submit his own IP address with it.

Automatic Signature PDF Delivery via E-mail

An exact copy of a electronic signature and the terms needs to be delivered to the person filling it out. Our system delivers a copy in your name automatically as PDF.

Secure Electronic Signature Verification

Electronically signed form responses can be verified via the “Electronic Signature Verification Tool”. This tool allows anybody to verify the authenticity of a document that has been produced by our system.

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