New Church Form Templates

During the coronavirus crisis, we want to help by introducing new and noteworthy things to our community. We know how hard the Coronavirus crisis hit the economy and the communities.

For this reason we are introducing our Online Form Use Cases initiative to help all communities in these hard times.

One of the hardest-hit communities are religious communities. At the current rate of spread, it is hard for them to re-open securely. This is one of the main reasons we want to help the religious communities by providing use cases for Churches that show how you can use online forms to grow your church and the community surrounding it.

For communities that want to hold a mass remotely, we provide the perfect organization tools.

Our church management software provides you with all the essential tools you need to run and manage your church.

Here is a list of essential forms included with our software.

If at any point you require help, you can reach our friendly support team with a single click.

Thank you

Tom Schneider

CEO of Element Form

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