Free Licenses for all aid workers

Press release 01.01.2020 London Updated on 31.03.2020

Tom Schneider, CEO of Element Form, announces:

To all brave medical professionals in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. All medical professionals are hereby eligible for the “free license program for medical professionals”.

Starting effectively from 01.01.2020, Element Form can be used free of charge, by all medical professionals in the world.

Element Form can be used to build highly effective online forms. Using these forms you can do many. Who can get a free license?

Regardless of location, title or workplace, all medical professionals can simply register and will receive an unlimited, unrestricted license to use our online form builder. How to apply?

There is no application. Simply register and begin using the online form builder license immediately.

GDPR & HIPAA Equivalent Systems

Our business resides in Europe and aims to have HIPAA Equivalent systems in place. All data that is collected with the forms is protected under GDPR. A few effective usage examples are:

  • Coronavirus Screening Form
  • Coronavirus Self Assessment Form
  • Medical Supplies Request Form
  • Medical Mask Request Form
  • Hospital Inventory Form
  • Medical Consent Form
  • Self Isolation Checklist Form
  • General Hospital Enquiries Form
  • Hospital Contact Form
  • Event Feedback Form

Personal Thank You

The world has been affected very badly by this disastrously spreading virus. Brave medical professionals in the world are fighting day and night to eradicate this terrible disease. We need to unite more than ever now. The fate of humanity is in your hands.

Thank you.

Tom Schneider

CEO of Element Form

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